November 18th is the last day we will be accepting Soybeans in 2023

Corn Vomitoxin Discount Schedule

Vomitoxin Level Discount
0-4ppm No Discount
5-6ppm $0.05
6.1-7ppm $0.10
7.1-8ppm $0.15
8.1ppm & Over $0.25 & Subject to Reject

All loads of corn will be tested at our facility for vomitoxin levels. Discount schedule is subject to change at anytime and without notice.

our grain services

grain drying

Whether we are banking your grain for feed; storing it for delayed pricing; or buying it from you, we test each load to determine moisture levels and dry it to specifications to ensure optimal storage until the time is right to sell or make feed.

grain storage

Loudonville Farmers Equity is here for you. If you want us to store your grain so we can ultimately blend custom feed for you, or if you want us to store the grain so you can sell it later, we can accommodate your needs.


Each year, we buy loads of corn from area farmers. Some of it we use in-house for the custom feeds we blend, and some we take to market. While we mostly buy corn, we also purchase a fair amount of soybeans each year.

Delayed Pricing

If you think your corn can fetch a better price in the future, Loudonville Farmers Equity will take possession of your corn on your behalf, dry it and store it for a nominal fee so you can sell it later. There is always risk involved with delayed pricing, so give it careful consideration first.

Discount Sheets

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