Optimal Nutrition for Your Animals

At Loudonville Farmers Equity, we feature products from Hubbard Feeds, Kalmbach Feeds and Purina. The feeds provide for the nutritional needs of a range of animals, however, we have a team of animal nutritionists who offer customized nutritional services.

Our nutritionists work with operations of all sizes, from dairy farmers and beef producers down to 4-H projects. And, they work with several species: Cows, steers, calves, sheep, goats, horses, llamas and alpacas.

The nutritionists will sample your forage to determine its quality, then they will formulate a feed ration to provide optimal nutrition for your animals.

The nutritionists will visit farms, walk through the livestock and look to see how the animals have progressed and if anything needs to be worked on. If so, then they need to do some troubleshooting to learn why. 

We recommend working with nutritionists as early as possible. Livestock is a major investment, and you want to get them started with proper  nutritional recommendations. Loudonville Farmers Equity provides this service at no additional cost to its feed customers.

The goal of the nutritionists is to help improve your return on investment. Proper nutrition will help dairy cows make more milk or add weight to steers.

This is why it is important to sample the hay, to see if it has a high protein content. If so, then there is no need to pay for a protein supplement.

Each operation is different, and Loudonville Farmers Equity’s team of nutritionists will develop custom rations built around your specific needs.

Loudonville Farmers Equity offers everything from prepackaged and small custom bagged feed, to full semi loads of bulk feed.

To learn how Loudonville Farmers Equity can help maximize your livestock’s genetic potential, contact us today.

At Loudonville Farmers Equity, we have retail feed options like, Hubbard, Kalmbach, and Purina. However, we can create custom blends based on your specifications.

To achieve optimal nutrition, our nutritionists will visit your farm, analyze your soil, water quality, forages, and herd to determine the best possible customized feed.

Give us a call at (419) 994-4186 to schedule a consultation with one of our nutritionist.

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